The Everyday – Titan A.E: The Film That Changed My Life

“Every day I wake up and it’s still the same boring present. I don’t think this future thing exists.”

How the team behind Titan A.E. managed to wrangle Matt Damon into saying that line in their animated flop is anyone’s guess. It is also a secret the team will take with them to the grave. Titan AE – the film that changed my life – also changed the life of Fox Animation by failing so hard in the box office that the studio was permanently closed.

There’s noticeable irony in a film called “Titan” killing the thing that created it. At least there is for all the Greek mythology fans out there. Just how can one little animated movie have severed a limb of the mighty multimedia conglomerate? How can 20th Century Fox Animation have been kneecapped by a film that was only 90 minutes?

Another question also stands: why did it make me fall in love with science fiction?


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